Donner lake, Lake Tahoe,

         Stampede Reservoir Macks,

         Kokanee and trout and King

         salmon on the Sacramento 



 Shaun's Guide Service
 Donner Lake Charters
      All year round fishing guide
        US Coast Guard

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        and cash

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 I have over 30 years of fishing experience and learned a great deal from my late Grandfather. He was also a guide and I went on many trips with him, helping with his clients and sometmes just getting in the way.

 I am prostaff for Scotty Fishing Products and employ their
downriggers, rodholders and releases.
 I am also prostaff for Gvflures, Mack's Lure and Yakima bait.

Who am I?

 I worked a regular job for 21 years of my life, mainly in the steel industry. I have 4 wonderful children, the oldest is in the Airforce. They love to fish with me and I try to get them out as much as possible.
 I really enjoy fishing, but also enjoy camping and spending time with my children.
 I try to take life as it comes and have fun in every situation.


 I am bonded and licensed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
I am US Coast guard licensed, which includes a TSA background check, physical, first aid and CPR and random drug testing.
I carry insurance for my boat, equipment and passengers, 1million dollar liability and I have all the necessary safety equipment aboard the boat.
I have been operating a boat for at least 30 years and I have never had an accident. You will feel totally comfortable and able to fully experience the joy of being on the water and feeling the pull of a monster fish as it peels line off the reel!!